House Showings and the Coronavirus: Important Safety Tips

Dated: April 29 2020

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Although there has been a noticeable uptick in online activity as the vast majority of folks are doing their part to socially distance, people are also still going out to look at homes. Photos and virtual tours are critical to online listings because they can give prospective buyers an idea of what the home is like. However, as many know, seeing a home in person versus in photos online can be a very different experience.

We’ve compiled a list of guidelines and helpful suggestions for both buyers who are looking and sellers who are still allowing showings at this time. Of course, if your city, town, county, or state is on lockdown, it’s important to comply with directives from the authorities. We can all do our part to keep each other as safe as possible during this trying time!

Tips for Sellers:


If you or a member of the household are not feeling well, do not allow showings.


If you are staging your home, consider using virtual staging instead of having a company bring furniture in and out of your home.


When at all possible, provide hand sanitizer to all visitors upon entry to your home.


Before the showing is scheduled to begin, open up all inner doors, cabinet doors, closets, and any other spaces a buyer may want to see. This reduces the chance of someone else having to touch it to open it.


Wipe down all surfaces after a showing. Pay special attention to commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs, light switches, counters, cabinets, drawers, etc.

If you have an open house scheduled, consider postponing in order to limit exposure. If you are comfortable with hosting an open house, ask your agent to ensure that he or she follows CDC guidelines for limiting gatherings to 10 people or less, and encourage visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other.


Use e-signing, e-closing, and mobile notary services whenever they are offered or allowed.

Tips for Buyers:


If you’re not feeling well, do not attend any showings or open houses.


Check with your agent to see if he or she or will bring you on a private video walk-through of the property utilizing FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.

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